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MTBA Marathon National Titles- Bayview

Wow another big weekend. This is a very busy month for our little club. Whether is be organising beginners clinics, rail trail rides, social rides on the trails or hammering around the trails at Bayview for the National Championships our club is there giving its all.

Once again some great results from our junior club members (see Facebook for details as there are many). There were a number of podium finishes as well as some great achievements on what is a very taxing circuit. This was a big competitive weekend with just over 700 riders doing their best on the trails at Bayview.

For me looking at the pictures over the weekend I'm always amazed at the determined faces on those racing. I'm also impressed by the smiles, friendships and families out there supporting their children and each other week in and week out. Massive effort everyone.

Where to next... Samford I believe, for the next round of the Sunshine series, as well as our club participating again tihs year in the festivities at the Wondai Country Festival in late June.

Thanks again everyone for the pictures...

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