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KKRT/SBRT Alternate Routes Including the Moffatdale Winery Route

There is some good news and bad news, in relation to alternate routes from Kilkivan to Goomeri and onto Murgon while this section of the overall Kilkivan to Kingaroy (KKRT) is out of action.

Kilkivan to Goomeri

Firstly the bad news- there is no viable alternative route from Kilkivan to Goomeri (to my knowledge. Happy to be wrong though), other than the main highway (which I would not recommend). There is a partial work around, taking the Kilkivan-Tansey Rd and turning onto Cinnabar Rd. However this will only get you to as far as the Wide Bay Feedlot and from then on you are back on the main highway. The highway is quite busy and is a popular route for trucks using the inland route, so we would not recommend this route.

There is a second partial route heading out Blacksnake Road. Many many hills, dubious road surfaces and a mountain range stand in your way along this route. Eventually this will bring you to A Flat and onto Murgon. This will add maybe 60+kms and many many many metres of elevation to your journey. Now the good news...

Goomeri to Murgon (please check local road conditions in this area prior, as there has been major flooding this wet season and some roads may be closed)

There is a viable route between these two towns. The Strava link below shows the entire route. You could shave 3 or so kms off this route by heading north on Burnett Highway towards the Goomeri West Rd intersection (highway can be busy though). The roads are good, quiet and the scenery is wonderful. This route winds its way through the West Goomeri Valley, heading towards the foothills of Boat Mountain (don't worry you avoid most of this)

Strava Link Goomeri to Murgon

Apart from the initial 6kms on Boonarvale Rd-Tienrey Rd the roads are bitumen. Be aware the are a few hills on this route especially on Hetherington's Rd nearing Murgon.

South Burnett Regional Council is working on repairing the final 6kms of Rail Trail coming into Murgon. Once this is completed you will be able to miss the Hetherington Rd hill. Stay tuned.

Moffatdale Winery Route- NEW in 2022

This route was completed in late 2021 and is fully signposted and mapped. However, access to this route along the Rail Trail has been closed, due to Rail Trail damage between Murgon and Annings Rd. There are a couple of alternative routes. However the Strava Link below gives you the quickest and shortest alternate to the wineries at Moffatdale, of which there are four to visit. The alternative is a combination of dirt and bitumen roads, all of which are quiet and in good condition. Once you reach Steinhardts Road just follow the Moffatdale Winery Route signage. More information of this route HERE.

Strava Link Moffatdale Winery Route- Alternative Route

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Hi Jason, thats fantastic. Looking at maps there appears to be a way off Hwy at Colemans Siding Rd, it appears to lead to trail reduces Hwy to 4.2km

and also near Kincombi Rd

there appears to be a dirt rd with gate to trail .

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