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History of Mountain Biking in the South Burnett

This webpage is dedicated to all of those who have gone before us. We hope that we are doing you proud with what we are trying to achieve in the South Burnett. Many thanks to Wondai and Nanango Mountain Bikers for supplying the information and pictures.

W.O.M.B.A.T.S (2013-??)

The WOMBATS (Wondai Off-Road Mountain Bike All Terrain Society), was formed in 2013 by 3 aging mountain bike purists (Russ/Barry and Corky). They mainly rode on weekends when they were allowed out of the house. New members were welcome. However there is no information about member numbers as this remains a closely guarded secret. They met at the WOMBAT Shrine, that still exists today. This was near the 5 way intersection on the Wombat Way. They rode mainly in Wondai State Forestry on single track and old motor bike trails.


We believe that the trails in this area (now managed by the South Burnett Mountain Bike Club), date back to the early 2000's. Trails such as Old 55, Barcoo, Mother in Law still exists today. However many of the old trails have been reclaimed by the forestry. (See complete list below). We have counted up to 16 old trails in the forestry at Wondai. Eight of these are now lovingly cared for and maintained by our club.

Nanango Mountain Bike Club (1992-2004)

The Nanango Mountain Bike Club was formed on the 12 November 1992 and continued until 2004. During this time they had approximately 80 members, including racing and non racing. In 1996 they held the State Championship in Nanango at Seven Mile Diggings, with local riders doing very well in all categories (See the Newspaper articles below). This event attracted nearly 300 riders from all over South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

The club had weekly rides that were well attended, with between 15-40 riders coming to each ride. The club were spoilt for spots to ride with Nanango Forestry, Din Din Forestry and Seven Mile Diggings being popular spots to see riders out and about. Club riders would also travel frequently to ride with the Kingaroy road riding crew. Many of the club members would ride in coemptions all over Queensland including Bundaberg, Mackay and Mount Perry for the Mount Perry Cup held each year in June. The club even had riders that competed at a National level (see newspaper clippings below)

The club folded in 2004. However many of the old trails still exist if you know where to look.

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