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Yarraman- Nanango- Kingaroy Rail Trail Link Route

Decided to do a little ride to map the route from Yarraman to Kingaroy via Nanango and dragged a couple of others along for the trip.

We started in Yarraman under grey skies. The first part of the route takes you along Noora Rd to Din Din Rd. Once you turn into Din Din Rd it is really just a matter of following the signs along the old stock route to Nanango. Apart form a 4km section going into and out of Yarraman Creek the road surface is quite good. Just take care around Yarraman Creek (rough surface is signposted), whilst the road around there gets a little bit rough and rocky, it is quite manageable if you take it steady. Once you climb out of Yarraman Creek the road opens up again and it is plain sailing into Nanango.

On this trip we stopped at a bakery in the main street of Nanango. They had a great selection for tasty treats and coffee was terrific. As you leave Nanango you follow a bike path (adjacent to the Nanango Brooklands Rd), past the Nanango Cemetery and then a slip road which keeps you off the main road for a while, which is great. Once you turn off the Nanango Brooklands Rd you get away from any traffic (which is minimal), with the route following dirt and bitumen backroads all the way to Kingaroy.

As you can see form the pictures the countryside is beautiful and the traffic is minimal. There are a few moderate undulations. However the views from the top are to die for. Overall distance (including a small detour for coffee) was 57kms, the overall elevation was 730m. We started the ride close to 9:00am and were in Kingaroy by 1:30pm, our pace was leisurely. The highlight for me are the view from the top of the last hill (West Coolabunia Rd). Well worth the climb.

Great countryside, wonderful people to ride with and some fantastic views. What more can you ask for...

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