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Three Pubs Ride-Kingaroy to Cabarlah (Toowoomba)

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Views from Edenvale South Road Day 1 Kingaroy

Sorry it has taken a while to get to this post. We actually rode this route last year during the cooler months (definitely recommended).

What an adventure. This ride started in Kingaroy outside the Commercial Hotel in Glendon Street, with an overnight stop in Cooyar at the Cooyar Pub, before finishing in (near Toowoomba) at the Cabarlah Pub, hence the ride name.

The total distance of the ride was 172kms with a total elevation of 2700m (hence the recommendation for doing this during the cooler months).

Day 1 from Kingaroy to Cooyar is 95kms and 1300m of elevation (most of the climbing is just after Maidenwell, as you climb across from the Kingaroy-Cooyar Rd to the New England Highway)

Day Two from Cooyar to Cabarlah is 77kms with 1400m of elevation.

You could possibly break this trip up by adding an overnight stop in Crows Nest. However this would mean a deviation from the map links provided and added Kms.

NOTE: There are a number of alternative routes that you can take from Crows Nest if you wanted you could head towards Toogoolawah or even Blackbutt. The options are endless.

NOTE: From Cooyar there are a number of alternative rides as well. You could head back towards Yarraman or onto Blackbutt via Mount Stanley. Once again there are many options to link other ride routes.

The route we chose to take was fairly straight forward. It utilised quiet bitumen and dirt country roads with minimal traffic. At the time we did this ride the roads were in excellent condition. A moderate level of fitness is required, as there are many hills along the route especially on Day 2. The route we chose has many opportunities for spectacular views and great spots to stop to soak in the countryside around you. You will need to carry plenty of food and water with you. Phone coverage is patchy especially amongst the hills. GPS navigation would be a real advantage.

From Kingaroy on Day 1 the route took us out through Kingaroy Airport. This route makes its way to the foothills of the Bunya Mountains and onto Maidenwell. We did stop at the Maidenwell Pub, which has wonderful food, cool beverages and a great deck to sit on. The overnight stay was at the Cooyar Pub. The rooms were quiet and comfortable and the pub did great meals and a terrific breakfast (upon request). The room cost around $50 for the night. You can camp behind the pub and access the pub’s showers for a small fee. You can also camp at Swinging Bridge Park (unsure whether there are showers there though).

Creek Crossing on Glencliffe Road all part of the fun. This is generally dry in the cooler months.

Lunch Day 1 Maidenwell Pub

Day 2 from Cooyar to Cabarlah you are really out on your own. The countryside is spectacular and very hilly. However the climbs are well worth the effort for the beautiful views from the top. Cabarlah also has a great pub to finish the ride.

The views on Day two. Like this one behind Crows Nest are spectacular.

This is one of the more spectacular rides I've been on since I started riding. The countryside is wonderful, the traffic is minimal and you really get away from the hustle and bustle of the city or town life. Remember there are a few hills so pack and plan accordingly. Unless you are bike packing a support crew is handy for the all important clothes and gear drop off at Cooyar and the car ride home. Thanks to the other riders on this adventure and their patience waiting for me at the top of each hill.

In the foothills of the Bunya Mountains waiting for me to catch up.

The roads are all signposts. Having a GPS with a copy of the route would be handy. You just never know.

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