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South Burnett Rail Trail Loop Rides

Six New Loop rides have been added to the Rail Trail experience in the South Burnett.


There are six new ways to experience the Rail Trail in the South Burnett. Loop Rides have been added to the Rail Trail with the project reaching completion in 2021. All loops are fully signposted and mapped on Trailforks. There are information boards in Memerambi, Wooroolin and Tingoora. Each sign along the routes has a QR code for that route, so that you can see where you are at any time. Each loop utilises quiet dirt and bitumen backroads. Some routes lead to view points, on these route there is climbing. However all climbs are easy to moderate in nature.

There are two Loop Rides starting and finishing in the towns of Memerambi, Wooroolin and Tingoora. These routes showcase something special about the South Burnett. Whether it is the rich red soil, rolling countryside or farming life, there is something for everyone. Why not take some time to explore some of these loops the next time you are in the South Burnett?

The Loop Rude project has been a collaboration between the South Burnett Rail Trail Users Association, South Burnett Regional Council, Mark Roberts from "Organised Grime" and the Gaming Machine Community Benefit Fund.


  • Toilets at Memerambi, Wooroolin and Tingoora all with picnic shelters

  • Coffee, food and hotels at Wooroolin and Tingoora

Memerambi Loops

  1. Gordonbrook Dam Route- 16kms with a turn around point at the picnic area at Gordonbrook Dam (toilets and picnic facilities available). Mountain bike trails are under development at Gordonbrook Dam

  2. East Memerambi Loop- 10kms which takes you to one of the best views in the South Burnett with a 270 degree view stretching from Kingaroy to the Bunya Mountains at north to Tingoora

Wooroolin Loops

  1. East Wooroolin Loop- 16kms starting at the Grand Hotel, this route heads out around Wooroolin Wetlands, through farm land to a high point on Quarry Rd. More magnificent views are on offer.

  2. West Wooroolin Loop- 13 kms starting and finishing at the Grand Hotel at Wooroolin, this route takes you on a tour of farm land. Returning along a beautiful stretch of Wellers Rd.

Tingoora Loops

  1. East Tingoora Loop- 11km that takes you east from the Tingoora hotel, through farm land and around to Weckers Road. Weckers Road loops west for a wonderful view back down the Tingoora valley looking back toward the Tingoora Hotel and Wondai.

  2. West Tingoora Loop- 18km this is one of my favorite loops. The ride heads west through farmland before looping back on itself to a high point with 360 degree views of the South Burnett.

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