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National Cup Armidale.

Blog courtesy of Craig from Eleven Hills Adventures #elevenhillsadventures

Pictures courtesy of Dylan Provan Visuals #dylanprovanvisuals

Armidale is my favourite venue, really enjoy going there and really feel welcome each and every time. Thanks Barb and Peter H and all the volunteers’. Please pass on my thanks to Chris, who bails my kids out willingly each and every time.

The most rewarding thing for me is that we have to chase the races and we have to learn the tracks, then we have to go toe to toe with the home track specialist’s. When you do actually start to beat them regularly on their home turf you know you have some real quality on your hands.

Huge thanks to the parents for supporting the kids, getting them to Armidale and back. Great by Matt and John as well. John one of our more "experienced riders" in the SBTMB Club. With John finishing on top of the podium in his category. Off to Little Italy this weekend.


Luca Turton- U17, Kona. Jonny Sprockets, We Are One wheels.

  • 3rd XCC Saturday, 3rd XCO Sunday.

I see the same mindset in Luca that I see in the other two girls and it’s this mindset that does set them apart from all the other predators in the jungle. She is easy to mould and she listens, her concentration span is amazing.

Jacob Provan- U17, Merida, Probike Kingaroy, Tailwind, Maxxis Tyres.

  • 10th XCC Saturday and 12th XCO Sunday,

Big effort and Jacobs finish position is irrelevant. He ran top 10 all weekend and busted his gut, cannot fault his effort and determination. 5 weeks off the bike after a broken elbow/arm and then 4 days back on the bike, most people would have just stayed home, but not Jacob.

Ben Weir- U17, Norco, Probike Kingaroy.

  • 6th U17 XCC Sat. 9th U17 XCO Sunday

Through my eyes I saw a first year U17 stick it to the established riders, he is on the up and was easily in the top 10 both days. I do know what fast looks like and he is a pretty fair picture of that. He has trained his brains out and he has effort written all over his face every time he gets on the bike.

The Team
Looks technical
Practice laps

Spotting the next corner

Great shot #dylanprovanvisuals

Matt working hard.

Putting in 100%

Concentration plus

Send it

Position position from an "experienced rider"

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