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Canberra, Castle Hill and Waterloo, a busy couple of weeks for all...

Over the last two weeks we have had members riding in Canberra and Castle Hill and a new trail finished. The Canberra trails were some of the most technical trails our riders have come across with rocky features challenging all riders, where the chance of injury was quite high. This was a UCI Junior Event a National Cup round held in the trails at Stromlo Forest Park. Castle Hill near Ipswich was another Tier 1 race with a very big and very hot weekend of racing for all ages as the pictures will show. Our riders flew the club flag with pride and achieved a number of podium finishes. Love the club shirts. Great again to see so many of our families having fun together in the dust and dirt. More power to you. Finally on the weekend we had a new addition to the trails in Wondai- "Waterloo" (1.9kms), was finished off after 6 weeks of rehabilitation work. The forestry now has 11 rideable trails for a total distance of 14.7kms. Happy MTB Days. Have a great Easter and may the holidays bring you lots of great moments on the trails.

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