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Linville to Nanango Circuit Ride

The 126 km Linville to Nanango Circuit Ride follows the northern end of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail from Linville to Yarraman (40 km) and then the southern end of the Link Trail to Nanango (21 km).

The Link Trail section is on quiet and mainly unsealed roads with a 2 km rough section. (See the Link Trail pamphlet for more detail). Expect some steeper gradients with some rougher sections than on the Rail Trail and ride within your comfort zone. You will be rewarded by the natural beauty and peace of the Eucalypt forests. The return trip to Linville follows the first 15 km of the East Nanango Circuit Ride (NAN1) north east of Nanango to Bullcamp Rd and then River Rd before descending over 250m to the West
Branch of the Brisbane River. The final 36 km back to Linville crosses the river
27 times.

The route is now available on Trailforks


There are no towns on the 65 km ride from Nanango to Linville and so you will need to
take enough water and food with you for the trip.


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