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Wondai Trails McEuen State Forest


The McEeun Forestry trails are situated just a short ride from the township of Wondai and the wonderful South Burnett Rail Trail. The trails are situated in 426ha of native bushland. The trails have been in the forestry for decades, our club is now rejuvenating and maintaining the existing trails. See Google Maps for main carpark entrance


Trails include:

  • The Giant: Rating-Blue. Length-3.2kms

  • Mongoose: Rating-Blue. Length-2.6kms

  • Superhighway: Rating Blue. Length-2.1kms

  • Downpipe: Rating-Blue. Length-590m

  • Rubarco: Rating Green/Blue. Length-1.5km

  • Cannonball: Rating- Blue. Length-1.2km

  • Gully Track: Rating- Blue. Length-835m

  • Waterloo: Rating Blue, Length- 1.94km

  • Mongoose/Superhighway Link Track: Rating- Green. Length-288m

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